How To Build Pontoon Plans

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Lots of boaters these days prefer a pontoon boat over a normal ski/fishing boat. So if you are searching for some information on pontoon boats and what they are, then you have came to the right article. See pontoon boats come in many sizes, and a few different varieties.

One type of pontoon boat is the inflatable pontoon boat, which are mostly used for river fishing and in some cases can be used for river rapids. The inflatable pontoon boat usually holds about 2-3 people, they are really like a decked out canoe, except most of them have motors powering them, so you can have a whole lot of fun with them. They are very popular among fishermen, they are small and fit into tight places in rivers and streams that you may not be able to reach in a normal size boat.

Inflatable pontoon boats can range in price from 800 dollars and up, depending on whether you are looking to buy new or used inflatable pontoon boat.

The next design I am going to go over are the motorized deck pontoons, these are similar to house boats in a way, they have a level deck, with 2 to 3 cylinder shaped pontoons attached to the deck, causing the boat to float. The pontoons are made out of aluminum in most cases, which is very light and will avoid rusting.

There are usually rails all around the boat up to about two to three feet from the bow. Deck pontoon boats can range in size from 16-28 foot in length. Pontoon boats can be could for a family vacation out on the water, since their flat shaped deck allows more room for small crowds to get around comfortably compared to other types of motorized boats.

Pontoon boats can also be made into a great boat for fishing, you can invite your pals out to fish, drink, party, sunbathe, anything your mind could imagine. You can also find pontoon boats that are made for speed to if you would like to engage in some water skiing, or any other water sport you could think of. The faster pontoon boats made for speed normally have big engines, about 220 horse power or more, and if you really want to go fast, you might want to look into the boats that have three pontoons, they are a bit more expensive but you have to pay extra to go fast.

The degree of customization you can do to a pontoon boat is limitless, because of the flat design there are so many things you could do. The majority of pontoon boats have bimini tops that can be raised up or down, some have built in tops, or sun roofs, so that you can jump or dive off of them, and some might even come with a slide attached to the sun roof.

Bottom line is that pontoon boats are great for the family, and are great for friends. The only main downside is, that they are not designed to go out into the ocean at all, so you will not be doing any deep sea fishing in a pontoon boat. There bow is very close to the water, and it is not going to take a big wave to crash over the deck, which could be very dangerous, so if you are into deep sea fishing, then a pontoon boat is not for you.



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