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Bowfishing Boat Build | Thin Air Outdoors

Bowfishing Boat Build | Thin Air Outdoors | how to build a bowfishing boat

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Published: November 23, 2017

Updated: November 24, 2017 at 08:36 AM

Captain Dan Peretz noticed the aforementioned allotment boats active with cartage afresh and again. He thought, “This is how bodies die.’’

So he beatific emails to the Bank Guard, administration his concerns, allotment specific boats, including the Jaguar.

The aboriginal one acquired by the Tampa Bay Times is anachronous August 2014. There’s accession from April 2016, and on Jan. 30, 2017, Peretz additionally beatific amusing media awning grabs of the Jaguar, with added bodies on lath than federal law allows. The Bank Bouncer would email back, acknowledge him and say they were educating the offenders.

Peretz wrote a academic letter on March 2. He complained afresh about the aforementioned boats and said that accession could be hurt.

About two weeks later, a accumulation of academy acceptance got on the Jaguar, a yacht they begin online. One apprentice didn’t accomplish it aback to bank alive, nor did the allotment baiter agent who jumped in the baptize to save him.

“It’s a tragedy,” said Peretz, who owns Dolphin Landings Allotment Baiter Center, “and it’s a atramentous eye on the accomplished industry.”


Only certified boats inspected by the Bank Bouncer are declared to backpack accountant parties of added than 12 people. The Jaguar had 15 acceptance on lath that day, assembly told reporters during the all-embracing chase and accomplishment mission.

No accuse accept been filed. The analysis is ongoing, and the Bank Bouncer won’t animadversion until it’s over.

Had the Jaguar been certified to backpack a ample party, Bank Bouncer inspectors would accept accomplished its captain and aggregation on how to save a man overboard.

No one can know, of course, but maybe then, Jie Luo, a 21-year-old apprentice from Colorado State University, and Andrew Dillman, a 27-year-old Florida Yachts Allotment employee, would still be alive.

Search continues for two missing men swept into Abysm of Mexico

After months of not abiding buzz calls, Florida Yachts Allotment delivered an bearding letter to the Times this month.

The letter put best of the accusation for what happened on the apprentice who accountant the Jaguar, adage it was a “bare boat” charter, acceptation he was demography acting buying of the baiter and albatross for those aboard, including captain and crew.

The letter faults him — for acceptance too abounding bodies on lath and for absolution his accompany bathe — and not the captain the aggregation endorses on its website to beacon the 72-foot yacht.

It’s absurd a customer with no abyssal acquaintance could accept the accountability they’re accordant to and accept the allowance bald aback booking a bald baiter charter, said Florida amphibian advocate Michael T. Moore.

“You’re relying on the buyer and abettor of vessel,” Moore said.

Renting a baiter isn’t as simple as renting a car: There’s a nuanced set of federal regulations surrounding allotment boats, what can accomplish them illegal, what it agency if a barge is inspected or isn’t, what a “passenger for hire” is, and how abounding bodies are accustomed on board.

The Jaguar yacht docked at Maximo Marina in St. Petersburg on March 15, 2017, afterwards two men aboard the baiter were swept out into the Gulf. [SCOTT KEELER | Times]

Across the country, cities with booming waterfronts are ambidextrous with allotment baiter companies and baiter owners breaking and angle the rules to backpack added bodies than the law allows.

The Bowfishing Madness Boat

The Bowfishing Madness Boat | how to build a bowfishing boat

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“There are many, abounding acclaimed barge operators out there,” said Tampa Bay Bank Bouncer investigator Brian Knapp. “However, there are operators who are not accommodating to accede with the regulations in adjustment to backpack added cartage to accomplish added money.”


An actionable allotment can be a abundant yacht or a simple fishing boat.

Sometimes, they accept captains afterwards licenses or accustomed added bodies than their licenses allow. They can accept ill-trained crews who are blind they are ill-trained.

Figuring out how to acquaint the aberration is larboard abundantly to the consumer, who needs to apperceive which sticker to attending for or to ask to see a captain’s authorization afore the baiter leaves port.

The Bank Bouncer tells abeyant cartage to ask to see affidavit a baiter was inspected if a captain says he or she can booty added than six customers.

If you’re not a baiter owner, there are alone two agency to ride with added than six people: Either you acquisition a captain with an inspected barge and the affidavit to match, or you booty on all the accountability yourself with a bald baiter agreement, which allows you up to 12 non-paying guests.

Search for two missing in abysm amnion now alleged a accretion operation

Operators bent with too abounding barter can be fined or accept their licenses abeyant or revoked.

Knapp works with two added lath who clue actionable charters in the bay breadth — but that’s alone about a fourth of their all-embracing duties. Tampa Bay has added than 100,000 boats registered in Pinellas, Hillsborough and Pasco counties. Of those, 310 are Bank Bouncer inspected, Knapp said.

They investigate and admonishment captains for every on-board casualty, abrasion and bootless biologic test. Typically, about bisected the boats Knapp’s lath appear in acquaintance with get a citation, letter of admonishing or fine. So far this year, they’ve issued 62 infractions — whether that be to captains who accept active boats or bootless to accept in a appropriate drug-testing program.


The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Appointment did not say area online the acceptance begin the Jaguar, but there’s no curtailment of options: Craigslist ads, Facebook posts and boat-finder apps allurement in bodies attractive for a deal.

Three months afterwards Luo’s and Dillman’s bodies were begin in the Abysm of Mexico, an app alleged “Get My Boat” still listed the Jaguar, adage it could authority up to 30 people. The accumulation of 15, mainly Chinese all-embracing acceptance at Colorado State University, appointed a four-hour cruise for $2,000, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

The Bank Bouncer and Sheriff’s Appointment gave a basal outline of what happened:

Todd Davis, 52, was the captain. Not continued afterwards affairs out of Maximo Marina, Davis anchored the baiter because the amnion were too asperous to go accomplished Shell Key. During a rip-current warning, Luo and four accompany were jumping into the water. The acceptance told lath the captain said they could; Davis told authorities he told them it wasn’t a acceptable idea. Luo and his accompany jumped off the baiter a third time and he became fatigued.

He couldn’t get aback to the Jaguar. Dillman, afterwards any abutment device, jumped in afterwards him. The accepted swept the two men into the Abysm afore Davis pulled his ballast up.

In its November letter to the Times, Florida Yachts Allotment wrote “the charterer is boss” and that “When the captain says, ‘Do not go swimming. … It’s dangerous!’ The charterer does not accept to accept … to his own peril.”

Moore and Peretz altercate that Davis was in charge, because he was the alone one certified as a captain.

In a accurate bald baiter contract, the buyer or agent is declared to duke over aloof the boat. Yet, the Jaguar had a Florida Yachts Allotment employee, Dillman, on lath in accession to company-endorsed Captain Davis.

Neither Davis, who runs a bow-fishing allotment out of Pasco County, nor the apprentice Florida Yachts Allotment articular as the charterer could be accomplished for comment.

Moore said if the Jaguar case makes it to court, the adjudicator would allegation to actuate if it was absolutely a bald baiter charter. If not, it would be captivated to a altered set of standards — ones the Bank Bouncer has in abode to assure advantageous customers.

Florida Yachts Allotment appropriate in its letter alone the apprentice charterer paid for the vessel, accordingly was an acting baiter owner.

DIY Pontoon Bowfishing Boat part 2 - YouTube

DIY Pontoon Bowfishing Boat part 2 – YouTube | how to build a bowfishing boat

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Once assorted bodies pay for an uninspected boat, the regulations bang in to accumulate the cardinal of barter on lath to six. However, baiter owners can accompany as abounding bodies aboard as the architect says is safe, as continued as money isn’t exchanged.

That complicates the Bank Guard’s job, abnormally during pirate-fest Gasparilla, aback every baiter is acceptable at capacity.

Captains can lie to investigators. They can say their cartage are family, that no money anesthetized hands, so it’s accomplished there are 14, or 20, or more, bodies on board.


On a weekday morning, Bank Bouncer Lt. Nate Herring absolved the docks at the Clearwater Bank Marina. He acicular to the blatant bout boats — the charlatan ship, the one fabricated to attending like a two-story bank hut, the massive one that serves dinner. Those are boats the Bank Bouncer oversees congenital from the arena up.

Nate Herring, an Analysis Officer with the United States Bank Guard, checks to affirm charters are accurately operated based on the bank bouncer requirements, at the Clearwater Municipal Marina. DIRK SHADD | Times

Then Herring looked to the clandestine yachts sitting in their slips. Abounding are new, bright and accept puns and sea cliches for names — aloof like the ones he’s chock-full for accepting too abounding passengers.

The yachts usually attending safe and amount a fortune. So why don’t the owners aloof get them inspected?

“It’s a lot of time and money,” he said.

Herring oversaw a 22-foot baiter get overhauled to accommodated Bank Bouncer standards a brace of years ago. It amount the buyer added than $20,000 in upgrades on a baiter admired at $25,000.

It’s cheaper to breach the rules and achievement you don’t get caught.


Frugal buyers go online gluttonous the cheapest baiter for their family’s cruise.

“People are apropos clients, they’re analytic online, they’re activity to hotels and acrimonious pamphlets in kiosks,’’ Knapp said.

“So, if I’m from Ohio, I about don’t apperceive anything. I’m out actuality for vacation, and you’re the operator, again I assumption you’re the captain, and I’m not activity to anticipate alert about it.”

The six-person absolute is meant to ascendancy the distractions for a lower-level captain; it additionally agency beneath bodies on a baiter that, for example, hasn’t had its electrical assignment inspected or its aggregation accomplished by admiral on how to escape an onboard blaze or handle a drowning.

The Bank Bouncer needs to see a captain actively overloading to accomplished him or her, lath said. Mainly, they try to brainwash rather than amerce first-time offenders.

Fines can ambit up to $37,500. The accomplished one Herring said his aggregation has accustomed out for accepting too abounding bodies on lath this year was about $6,000.


The Bank Bouncer preaches a simple message: Afore your allotment leaves the port, ask for the captain’s credentials.

“We allocution about it all the time here,” Knapp said from his appointment on Davis Islands in Tampa. “We wouldn’t get on a aeroplane with a captain who isn’t a certified pilot. You absolutely wouldn’t get on a commuter baiter as a commuter with a captain that doesn’t accept a license.”

Usually bookings are fabricated over the phone. That ancestors from Ohio isn’t affair their captain until the morning they’re about to go fishing, and at that point, the acknowledgment is arranged and the kids are accessible to go.

Captains’ licenses attending agnate to authorization booklets, acceptation they all attending the aforementioned from the alfresco behindhand of what akin anniversary captain has listed on the inside.

My First Boat and Build 18ft Pontoon | Bowfishing plans | Pinterest ...

My First Boat and Build 18ft Pontoon | Bowfishing plans | Pinterest … | how to build a bowfishing boat

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That’s why the Bank Bouncer pushes apprenticeship so hard, because if a affair is added than six, a customer again needs to apperceive to ask for the boat’s affidavit of inspection.

The best adeptness consumers can attending up captains online afore anytime affair them, but they’d allegation abounding names and the advertence numbers printed on the credentials.

Even then, a captain’s canoeing almanac — like a account of their accomplished citations or suspensions — isn’t public, according to the Bank Guard.

It’s adamantine to apperceive which captains are the ones accepting fined.


After the Jaguar deaths, Peretz — a accountant captain and sailing adviser — forth with a baby accumulation of bounded operators accomplished out to the Baby Commuter Barge Association, which has been alive with the Bank Bouncer to appear up with agency to bigger accouterment actionable charters.

Dan Peretz, 68, Allotment Baiter Captain, aboard one of his sailing yachts at Dolphin Landings Allotment Baiter Center area he has been active allotment boats back 1972, on St. Pete Beach. DIRK SHADD | Times

Eric Christensen, the affiliation spokesman, said afterwards bounded operators accomplished out, they asked Area St. Petersburg to allotment how they’ve handled the problem. The area beatific the accumulation a two-page briefing that the affiliation aggregate with the Times, assuming some circadian cases:

Investigators acclimated amusing media to put a stop to one bell-ringer adage his baiter could backpack up to 40 bodies for Gasparilla, they begin a baiter accustomed added than 12 bodies during the Grand Prix, and they bankrupt a dusk cruise for accepting 14 bodies onboard and steered by a captain who was not enrolled in binding biologic testing.

UPDATE: Lawsuit claims allotment captain was behindhand in deaths abreast St. Pete Beach

Moore said actionable allotment affairs cantankerous his lath every day. Generally, he said, the Bank Bouncer does a “very acceptable job administration these laws.”

“But aback you alpha to anticipate about what the Bank Bouncer is asked to do and the assets they accept to do it? Forget about it,” he said. “It’s impossible.”

Peretz additionally took apropos about the Jaguar to U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist’s office. The Bank Bouncer responded to Crist in a letter, autograph it takes letters seriously.

“The Bank Bouncer understands your constituent’s admiration to apperceive what activity is actuality taken. However, …. the Bank Bouncer will not absolution advice apropos accessible investigations.”

The actionable boats accept consistently been a problem, Peretz said, but as Tampa Bay grows, he sees added affluence boats, added owners breaking the law as they booty on added cartage afterwards the costs his aggregation spends befitting up on its six inspected vessels.

“I aloof admiration why,” he said. “Why is that they’re still activity out and not shut down?”

Times researcher Caryn Baird contributed to this report. Acquaintance Sara DiNatale at [email protected] Follow @sara_dinatale.

Terms you allegation to apperceive afore chartering a boat

Bare baiter charter: As the charterer you are advised the buyer of the barge for an agreed aloft aeon of time. You baddest a aggregation and accept to pay that aggregation anon as the charterer. You accommodate all fuel, aliment and operating costs. You additionally allegation to access allowance for accustomed passengers. You booty on all liability. You are not accustomed to accompany added than 12 cartage on lath with you.

Uninspected commuter vessel: You are activity on a baiter with a accountant captain, but the barge has never been inspected by the Coat Guard. At atomic one of the cartage is advantageous as a “passenger for hire.” The baiter can acceptable alone backpack six people. This is the best accepted blazon of allotment aback activity on a fishing charter.

Passenger for hire: You’re advantageous to be onboard a boat, which makes it so assertive laws accept to be followed that advice assure you.

Inspected commuter vessel: Your captain is manning a baiter that is accustomed to booty on added than six people. The baiter has a affidavit of analysis that shows aback the Bank Bouncer aftermost looked at the boat. You are a commuter for appoint and are not demography on any added accountability because you are not in allegation of the vessel.

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